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UN approved packaging is one of the designations to that specific type of packaging which is specially built, tested, as well as certified for carrying liquid or other solid dangerous materials. This type of packaging is specially used to ensure dangerous materials are moved and transported safely without causing harm to the environment or the transporters.

The designation of "4G" given to UN approved packaging indicates the dangerous goods packaging code. This code is mentioned on the packaging to alert the shipping personnel about the fact that inside the cardboard container there is packaging which contains some dangerous goods.

AL FALAAH DG PACKING & FORWARDING LLP, is one of the leading and trusted manufacturer and supplier of UN Approved 4G Boxes. These boxes are ideal for transporting via Air, Sea & Road. The 4G Combination UN designation fibreboard boxes are properly tested and certified to match the requirements of UN Specifications and regulations under ICAO, CFR-49, IATA, IMO / IMDG.

The cardboard box having a "UN 4G" designation doesn't act as a box; and basically, it's a package in which the fiberboard box will be there as one component. The transporters by including "4G" label on the cardboard box declare that they are legally certifying the fact that the complete package, not only a cardboard box, is meeting the provisions of the United Nations 4G standard. The manufacturers of these cardboard boxes are not allowed to stamp the boxes with the United Nations 4G markings, unless and until Performance test in conducted on these boxes and hold a valid UN Certificate, If they do so then that will be an absolute violation of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Technical Instructions.

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