Dangerous Goods Packing

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Transport of Dangerous Goods Made Easier With DG Packing Service

While shipping dangerous goods, it is necessary to make sure the safe and secure movement of cargo by documenting and packing to the necessary regulations. Goods must be packed according to the regulations for the chosen mode of transport, like IMDG for sea freight, ICAO/IATA for airfreight and ADR for road freight. The information that is required to pack is the UN number, packing group, proper shipping name and consignee/shipper address. We have a professional team that is committed to providing you the highest standard and level of services possible, including all aspects of dangerous goods handling, like specialized packaging as well as transportation in adherence to ICAO & IMDG Code regulation. Our comprehensive range of services includes Dangerous Goods Packing, onsite repackaging services, dangerous goods inspection onsite, dangerous goods local delivery, etc.

Dangerous Goods Packing

Dangerous Goods Packing Certificate, being a mandatory part of dangerous goods declaration, certifies that materials or goods received on board are safer and stored in a clean container that is in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. After the goods are packed in accordance to the required standards and once the specification has been approved by our packers, the necessary dangerous goods documents like dangerous goods packing certificate are completed and we produce the hard copies required to the Airline/Shipping line for their further DG on board approvals. Our professionals will check for a country, state requirements/variants and operator with compatibility of various UN numbers as well as classes to make sure a smooth movement of goods.

For the DG Packing of products that necessitate protection from shocks and vibrations, we, design, create and implement packaging solution that makes sure the product can be carried safely. We also use bubble wrap, thermocol and vermiculite as an absorbent material (for liquid material) in combination packing as it is appropriate space filler for quick shipping cycle and one way packages. For shipping of hazardous materials, whether it is by road, rail, air or sea, you are likely to label your goods with the relevant hazardous class. We offer haz labels that are pressure sensitive heavy weight coated paper having fade-resistant UV inks. This particular label is compulsory for international and domestic shipments of dangerous materials.

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