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Know more about the IIP Certificate

The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) is an apex body set up by the packaging and allied industries and the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, in 1966. Its objective is of improving the country's packaging standards. The Institute is an autonomous body working under the Ministry of Commerce's administrative control. There is an immediate need to educate exporters, shippers and dangerous goods carriers, suppliers of hazardous goods packages, and relevant logistics organizations about their duties, regulations, laws, UN certification procedures, as well as monitoring and quality management procedures.

What is an IIP certificate or UN Certificate?

IIP Certificate commonly known is an UN Certificate issued by the Indian Institute of Packaging for packages containing hazardous and dangerous goods for transportation. IIP issues UN / IIP Certificate only after performing tests of the package samples, according to UN Standards for transportation of DGR /Haz/ Hazardous Goods, by Air (IATA/ICAO) & Sea (IMDG Code), thus shipments should be reasonably capable of resisting under all forms of climatic environments, wear and tear during transport, leak-proof, etc., while at the same time recording flawlessly the existence of the hazardous goods packed or filled in the package and the key constraints on package capability should be. Such an effective and competent process requires a person to be well versed in all relevant international transport standards. An UN packaging code displays type of the package being shipped. It also reveals that the packaging has passed tests set as per UN Standards for packages containing Haz or DGR Goods. The physical features of the components of the packages are defined by the different test stages.

How do I get an IIP certificate?

The Director-General of Shipping & Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt., has launched UN certification, which is mandatory for transportation of all types of Hazardous and Dangerous Goods from Class 1 to Class 9, by Air (as per IATA/ ICAO) & Sea (IMDG Code). For transport by air, a related compulsion has been imposed. The shippers shall review the packaging approved for use in the shipment of hazardous goods by Air & Sea, before it is finally used for the purpose. Certified packaging shall bear the UN marking as specified in the Certificates so that only certified packages are loaded onto the aircraft or into container and finally onto Vessel. UN Certificate are issued by the Indian Institute of Packaging to the manufacturer of packages for the manufacture of any number of packages, after satisfactory testing performance of the sample packages. The period of validity referred to in the certificate means the period during which the production of packages (with the same specifications, product annexure, net & gross weight, mode of shipment & exporter) is allowed. Here’s how to get an IIP Certification or UN Certification.

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