UN Approved Wooden Boxes

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Door to Door Services

Wooden or Plywood boxes are used for packing of dense material which can be transported in the safest manner. Mostly wooden boxes are used to pack Cylinder filled with hazardous liquefied gases, compressed gases, fire extinguisher Cylinders, Lithium Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries, Batteries packed in electrical equipment, etc.

We fabricate the boxes using marine wood, pinewood & plywood as per exporter’s requirement and density of the material to be packed and transit time required during transportation. These wooden boxes are re-usable and long lasting due to quality raw material viz.; ISO Certified commercial ply/ wooden planks, Pinewood used during fabrication of the boxes. These IIP Certified / Approved boxes are tested as per UN Standards and IATA/ICAO & IMDG Code regulations from Indian Institute of Packaging/ IIP, to withstand the package during the transit. Test includes Stack Load test & Drop Test as per UN Standards and chemical’s packing group which will be packed in the box.

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