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Rest Assure Of the Safe Packaging of Your Perilous Goods with UN Certified Packaging

UN certified boxes are specifically designed to be adhering to UN standards for transporting dangerous goods by rail, road, sea and air. UN Certified boxes can be made to carry any kind of goods included in the list of dangerous goods supplied by UN. While using these boxes, the quantity of goods permitted to be carried by any individual box is decided by the maximum gross weight certification applicable for that box and as per limitations set by ICAO. UN Certified Boxes are of two types, viz. 4G and 4GV rating. The 4G rating indicates box contains inner packing as per material requirement wherein 4GV rating indicates box contains inner packing further packed in a rigid metal container. These UN certified boxes are manufactured complying with UN specifications and regulations in the hazardous and dangerous goods list.

On knowing the essential necessity of UN Certified Packaging, we strive to offer the finest quality UN packages in variety of sizes as well as variations that are affordably priced. Our packages are definite to offer the durability to resist the harsh travel conditions. We also deliver affordable package customization that is approved with UN Certificate and also UN tested. On buying our UN certified packages, you could save on the costly fines incurred for improper shipping and offers hassle-free dangerous materials transportation. This packaging process was developed for achieving ultimate flexibility in transporting dangerous goods, you can ship different category of Dangerous goods lying under Packing group I, II and III by land, sea or air.

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