Radioactive Forwarding

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Radioactive Material Forwarding

Get Safe Delivery of Radioactive Materials through DG Cargo Forwarding Services

We offer an eminent service on Radioactive Material Forwarding which makes our cargo department to have full control from collecting radioactive goods from doorstep till the shipment of goods sent via Cargo Aircraft and onwards up to Consignee’s Door Step. Our dedicated department also monitors the radioactive source material shipment through forwarding route until the product reaches the high-end customer. The radioactive source material should be packed in an A Type Package in order to protect the environment from its harmful radiations during transit. We have a well-built commitment to environmental protection, safety, and health. It is ensured that packaging and forwarding services will be handled with utmost safety.

Radioactive Materials must pass through the verification process of AERB from BARC and further from IATA if it has to be shipped back to the Origin for Disposal, which assures for safe and secure transportation. However, we assure to deliver the radioactive materials in appropriate premises without exceeding the specific time limit. We are having trained staff to cover the radioactive materials so that it will not get in contact with outside atmosphere to create harm or discomfort. We offer services of consultancy and worldwide transportation of radioactive materials.

The shipment of radioactive materials is approved by the IAEA & AERB from BARC in India, so as to safeguard the individual’s property as well as the environment from radiation effects. We at AL Falaah DG Packing & Forwarding LLP, have highly dedicated staff members to manage radioactive materials for all kinds of transport like a sea, road, and air. Such Sources can be moved only upon valid NOC issued by AERB/BARC for surface movement as well as for Air Freight. A necessary approval ensures shipping of the radioactive substances with utmost care and safety.

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We handle all kinds of dangerous goods forwarding services in sophisticated manner. Moreover, we are one of the reputed organizations involving in providing authentic and reliable air freight, packaging and Hazardous goods dispatch.

We manage general, perishable and hazardous goods shipments. Due to our long lasting relationship with international airlines and cargo carriers, we can able to offer dedicated services as per your expectations and needs. We render commendable services on cargo forwarding so that your goods will be delivered to the mentioned destination without undergoing any complications or difficulties.

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