Radioactive Source Forwarding

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Door to Door Services

Get Safe Delivery of Radioactive Materials through DG Cargo Forwarding Services

We offer an eminent service on Radioactive Material Forwarding which makes our cargo department to have full control from collecting radioactive goods from doorstep till the shipment of goods sent via Cargo Aircraft and onwards up to Consignee’s Door Step. Our dedicated department also monitors the radioactive source material shipment through forwarding route until the product reaches the high-end customer. The radioactive source material should be packed in an A Type Package in order to protect the environment from its harmful radiations during transit. We have a well-built commitment to environmental protection, safety, and health. It is ensured that packaging and forwarding services will be handled with utmost safety.

Radioactive Materials must pass through the verification process of AERB from BARC and further from IATA if it has to be shipped back to the Origin for Disposal, which assures for safe and secure transportation.

AL Falaah DG Packing & Forwarding LLP is a specialized transportation company offering international solutions for the Transport of Radioactive Goods. The team of specialists we have with us, are having extensive and years of experience in making the classification, transportation and safe handling of hazardous, temperature-controlled and time-sensitive material. We are specialists in Shipping Radioactive Goods.

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