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Shipment Process & Documentation

All the shipments intended to be shipped out of India by Air or Sea mode, needs to fulfill parameters set by Indian Customs, DGS (Director General of Shipping) & DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation), UN Standards (for Dangerous Goods), which is further classified based on mode of transportation, viz., IATA/ICAO for Air Shipments & IMDG Code for Sea Shipments (Exports). We at AL Falaah, serve our clients to ease the hassle of fulfilling complex documentation requirements to ship their cargo to their end user/ consignee. We always share the documentation formalities upfront to avoid last minute delays in shipping out consignments. You may find below list of documents required to ship your consignment by Air & Sea.

lcl shipment

Basic Requirements:

  • Import Export Code – IEC.
  • Bank Account for foreign remittance.
  • Bank’s AD & IFS Code registered at desired port of Export/Import.
  • GSTIN.
  • Export Invoice & packing list along with Custom Invoice with GST details
  • LUT Bond (if applicable).
  • Scomet License / Non-Scomet Letter
Additional requirements if consignment consists of non-hazardous chemicals:
  • MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet (with 16 sections as per UN Standards).
  • COA – Certificate of Analysis on Manufacturer’s Letterhead.
  • ISO Certificate or GMP Certificate of chemical manufacturer.
  • Export Value Declaration.
  • FEMA Declaration.
  • Non Haz Declaration for Non Hazardous Goods.
Additional requirements if consignment consists of Hazardous Chemicals or Goods;
  • Valid UN Certificate for Air or Sea separately if UN Certificate issued from IIP.
  • Proper Haz Identification labels in Diamond shape on individual package.
  • Proper Shipping Name Mark on each package containing UN Number, Class, Subsidiary risk, Packing Group, Net qty. in Liter or Kilogram depending on the physical state of the chemical, exporter’s name & address, consignee’s name & address and 24hrs Emergency Contact person name & number (preferably destination contact).
  • Over-Pack Labels if palletized cargo. Only Transparent Shrink wraps allowed.
  • DGD – Dangerous Goods Declaration.

ADC NOC for Material falling under Pharma & Cosmetics category.

We need to obtain NOC from ADC – Anti Drug Control department before custom clearance of Pharma & cosmetic products. Below mentioned documents are required to obtain ADC NOC:

For Exporter who is manufacturer as well:
  • Manufacturing License.
  • Drug License.
  • Trade License.
  • COA.
  • Sample with Batch number mentioned on individual samples from shipment and on COA.
For Merchant Exporters:
  • Purchase Bill from Manufacturer.
  • Drug License.
  • Trade License
  • COA.
  • Sample with Batch number mentioned on individual samples from shipment and on COA.
Procedure to Export Dangerous Goods:

We need to obtain all approvals and acceptance from Airline/Shipping Liner before executing & booking Dangerous goods shipment. We ensure all the above mentioned documents are available with shipper, if not, than our professionals do assist shipper in obtaining /fulfilling the requirements.

We provide in-house and onsite UN Packaging of dangerous goods as per IATA regulations for Air Shipment and IMDG Code regulations for Sea Shipment. We ensure material are packed as per guidelines to enable smooth shipment of the material and safe transport without endangering people onboard the Aircraft, Airline Hold, other material in the hold, Vessel, container, airline hold, environment, people involved in handling of the goods during transit (loaders), etc., as safety comes fast.

Once we have complete set of documents and cargo ready, we follow below procedure:

  • Verification of complete set of documents.
  • Verification of all the packages, ensuring all the labels is intact, visible & readable.
  • Clicking few images of the cargo for shippers’ and our reference.
  • Preparation of Dangerous Goods Declaration.
  • Submission of DGD, MSDS, UN Certificate, Invoice & Packing List to Airline / Shipping Line for DG Approval for pre-approvals from their loading office, hub and destination office.
  • Meanwhile we provide Export Checklist (Shipping Bill checklist) and AWB / BL draft for Shipper’s approval. Once approved we file export checklist for generation of Shipping Bill.
  • On receipt of necessary approvals and carting confirmation from Airline/ Shipping Line, we move the cargo to air cargo shed or CFS to clear the customs formalities.
  • Upon custom clearance we hand over the material to Airline / Shipping Line, which they accept only after clearing final DG Checklist.
  • Further it goes into Airline’s custody and dispatch it as per space availability and booking received from their hub and onward to final destination (for via flights).