IIP Certified FIBC Bag / Jumbo Bag

IIP Certified FIBC Bag / Jumbo Bag

IIP Certified FIBC Bags / Jumbo Bags

We are the leading supplier and exporter of an extensive range of IIP Certified FIBC / Big Bags /UN Approved Jumbo Bags that are available in various sizes and are offered to various industries such as solid and powder form chemicals, dyes-intermediates, minerals, etc. These UN Approved FIBC / Big Bags / IIP Certified Jumbo Bags are widely appreciated due to attractive specifications. We are renowned nationally & internationally for supplying optimum quality IIP Certified FIBC & UN Approved Jumbo Bags with IIP Certificate & UN Certificate. We are renowned IIP Certified Jumbo Bags Supplier and UN Approved FIBC Bags supplier. These Bags are most suitable for storage and carrying of hazardous chemicals in solid state. These are designed to hold a vast range of materials safely and conveniently.

Different types of IIP Certified Jumbo Bags supplied by us.

  • Circular Type with Cross Corner / Corner Loops
  • U-panel / 4 Panel Bags
  • 4 loop bag
  • UN Certified Jumbo bags
  • Sift Proof bags

Features of UN Approved FIBC Jumbo Bags Supplied by us.

  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 400 kilograms. to 1000 kilograms
  • Size: As per customer requirements
  • Safety Factor:  5:1 or 6:1as per customer requirements
  • Material: PP UV stabilized
  • PE Liner:  40-100 Micron thickness
  • Quality:  All our bags are made as per industry standard