IIP / UN Certified Plywood Boxes

IIP / UN Certified Plywood Boxes

IIP / UN Certified Plywood Boxes

We are one stop destination for the customers who are in the business of Hazardous Goods and need IIP plywood boxes for safe transportation. We are making use of UN certified plywood for designing and packing the boxes which are carrying Hazardous or fragile goods in transit. If you are in the business dealing with dangerous goods having clients worldwide in a regulated, safest and quick manner then banking on our manufactured IIP plywood boxes will be the best choice for you..

We follow the set compliance with current and future regulations, of the industry and ensure that each one of team members follow that strictly. We are offering UN and IIP Certification Services to our clients. If our clients request to share with them the image of certification we do that happily as we believe in customer satisfaction.

We are one of the leading trader and supplier of Packaging Products. We are offering:

UN Certified Fiberboard Box: These boxes are known for being Rugged, Durable, Seamless and Perfect built, High strength and Seamless finish

UN Certified HDPE Drums: HDPE is known to be a High Density Polyethylene and made out of plastic material which can be used for making packaging of goods which are delicate and hazardous to handle. We offer excellent quality HDPE Drums which are laboratory tested and designed following ISI quality standards.

UN Certified Drums: Designed with enormous competency by understanding the need of businesses requiring the same we are offering comprehensive and high quality approved consignment of UN Certified Drums. The drums made available are of exact dimensions with high strength and fine and rugged finish.

Being a pioneer in this industry we are offering IIP Certificate from India. Our dedicated customer support team will be available 24x7 to answer your queries.