UN Packaging Boxes supplier

UN Packaging Boxes supplier

Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Piece
Starting Location Andheri Mumbai
Destination PAN India
Capacity / Size Of The Shipment 4 kgs to 65 Kgs
Product / Goods Details UN Approved Fiberboard Box
Dispatch Time Immediate
Service Charges Extra
Service Mode Offline

This box is idle for sampling or small quantity of DGR Material or material with restriction as per IATA / ICAO DGR Regulations to carry smaller quantity per package. Suitable for Haz Goods falling under Packing Group I, II & III category with Inner Receptacle.

UN Packaging Boxes supplier

It is no less than a global challenge to be one of the most prominent global logistics players when the global logistics industry is $760bn large and stands to grow at 5% rate annually. Al Falaah DG Packing and Forwarding LLP, not only have accepted the challenge but have battered all the explications of its clients worldwide offering outstanding logistics and packaging services

We are one of the leading UN certified boxes supplier in India. Our packing products are preferred by Pharmaceutical, Oilfield, Health and Life Science, Gas, Food Flavouring, Automotive, Power Projects, Laboratory Equipment, Consumer Commodities, and many other industries.

The prime reason we are one of the most trusted logistics partners of many multinationals is our ability to produce authentic and impeccable UN certified box, markings & labelling as per IATA, ICAO & IMDG Code standards, Haz Declaration / DGD for Airline and Shipping Line acceptance, in compliance with all guidelines. At AL Falaah DGR, our aim is to offer packaging boxes, drums & IBCs that carry all hazardous goods in the safest manner and transport them to their destination without any leakage and damage to the goods and to the environment.

We aptly understand the value of these goods, and therefore our packages are made of a world class virgin quality raw material to ensure our packages remain impenetrable throughout the journey. The importance of UN certified boxes lies in its quality to withstand in harsh conditions during its stowage and in transit, hence has been tested as per below international standards:

  • Water Absorption Test to Clause IMDG; ICAO; IATA at 7.0g/m2.
  • Drop Test to Clause IMDG; ICAO 4.3; IATA 6.3.3 from 1.8M Height.
  • Stacking test to Clause IMDG; ICAO 4.6; IATA 6.3.6 for 24 hours at 120 Kg.

We have standard sized pre - UN Approved Boxes in stock, details are mentioned below:

1) V Rated Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes with UN Certificate:
  • 4GV/X4 Box – Maximum gross payload is 04 Kg. Dim: 18 x 18 x 29 cm.
  • 4GV/X10 Box - Maximum gross payload is 10 Kg. Dim: 26 x 26 x 38 cm.
  • 4GV/X25 Box - Maximum gross payload is 25 Kg. Dim: 37 x 37 x 43 cm.
  • 4GV/X35 Box - Maximum gross payload is 35 Kg. Dim: 48 x 48 x 44 cm.

2) Non V Rated (Inner Metal Receptacle not allowed) Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes with UN Certificate:
  • 4G/X55 Box – Maximum gross payload is 55 Kg. Dim: 61 x 41 x 51 cm.
  • 4G/Y60 Box – Maximum gross payload is 60 Kg. Dim: 61 x 41 x 51 cm.
  • Apart from above mentioned standard sized boxes, we can also customize the UN Approved CFB boxes as per Exporter’s / Supplier’s requirement with UN Certificate issued from Indian Institute of Packaging also known as “IIP” within stipulated and minimum time than that of compared in the market.